Interpix Design

Osler (in partnership with Microsoft® Services)

Portal redesign is big win for top law firm's intranet users

Osler wanted their law firm's website to deliver exceptional client service where partners, associates and support staff could simply and easily access critical documents and related information for any given client. Interpix Design Inc. was engaged by Microsoft® Services Canada to evaluate and define a "matter centric" portal for law firm, Osler Hoskin & Harcourt LLP.


  • Enable the firm's partners, associates and support staff to deliver exceptional client service by accessing an integrated view of all documents and related information for any given client matter.
  • Increases Osler staff ease of use and satisfaction
  • Ensure efficient page development and consistent design.

The Interpix Approach

Our simply useful™ project methodology followed a staged approach to help us create, visualize and evaluate the proposed user experience. After careful consultation we began our user-centered process with "requirement visualization" techniques that included user interface concepts, storyboards and task flows. A low fidelity paper usability test was undertaken to evaluate the proposed new portal's functional salience and navigational strategy. Based on insights gained through this approach, we prepared the high-level web portal architecture - the foundation for standards and the detailed design that followed.

All critical steps along the way were undertaken in consultation with the Osler team and Microsoft® Services Canada, to establish consensus as to the portal's strategy, functional objects and design direction.


How do we measure success? We believe delivering a high-level user interface and detailed design that allows users to navigate the site with ease and immediately reach their goals of information access, means we got it right. And Osler's partners and its employees would agree. The portal's user-centred design was a sensible articulation of the business of practicing law. We delivered an improved user experience that increased staff use and satisfaction, improving the company's efficiency.

Another simply useful™ client success story, using Interpix's rich experience in user experience design.

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