Interpix Design


Creating a self-serve portal that's truly self-serve.

TELUS Communications Company invited Interpix to apply our mobile consulting expertise to help them perfect a new customer interface that improved customers' efficiency in account changes and reduced the need for help requests.


  • Determine requirements and prototype designs for their self-serve customer portal.
  • Design a portal to function across multiple channels, with features and authentication that had an appropriate level of complexity to not frustrate users.
  • Reduce and ideally eliminate support calls from frustrated users.

The Interpix Approach

We followed our simply usefulâ„¢ user-centred process, beginning by interviewing key stakeholders within TELUS before observing a rich sample of users perform a variety of tasks related to TELUS' "My Account" site.

From tests and interviews we gained critical insights into where users were having specific difficulties and frustrations. We identified needs and helped users elucidate how those needs would be best met by TELUS' self-serve interface. We then proposed interaction designs to address identified flaws, from ease in finding the site to satisfaction of completing important changes to their account.


Applying the rich insights we gained from user testing, we were able to propose detailed changes to the self-serve interaction to vastly improve it and significantly reduce user frustration. We are confident that this interaction will help maintain and in fact propagate TELUS' reputation for excellent customer service.

Our simply usefulâ„¢ layout and design shows once again Interpix's expertise in all aspects of user experience design, including mobile usability.

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