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The Conveyancer - Redesign

Do Process Software, acquired by Teranet in 2008, engaged Interpix to redesign their flagship product used by more than 10,000 real estate legal professionals nation wide: The Conveyancer. The Conveyancer is an essential and widely used tool in the realtor’s belt, but had not changed much in appearance or functionality since it was first launched over 10 years ago.

"This is a big step up! It seems friendlier and easier to use than before. When can we have it?" Joanne Usability Participant - Law Clerk


  • Create an updated design
  • Improve user experience and overall usability

The Interpix Approach

An expert review of The Conveyancer found that there was a large scope for improvement in several areas. We dealt with each area individually using various methods from usability testing to prototype development and visual design. Along the way, as is typical when updating older software, we gave Do Process a face-lift. This included creating a design that was consistent with their newly defined brand. We used best practices and standards to develop a friendly user experience with a consistent look and feel. In addition, we created a User Interface standard, including guidelines and templates to help clients develop and extend the design; particularly useful when the development is done overseas.


The end result was a user-centered design that exceeded our client’s (and their client’s) expectations.

Another simply useful™ client success story.

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