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York Region Transit (VIVA)

One stop, "quick click" for transit service info produces big increase in ridership

Viva is York Region Transit's rapid transit system that connects the region's commuters to the City of Toronto subway system and the province's commuter trains. Viva brought Interpix in to improve their customer interface, to reduce frustration and give transit riders a one-stop, easy interface with all the information they needed.


  • Provide specific route, fare and schedule information.
  • Give transit riders a one-stop quick click to all the information they need.
  • Reduce frustration and confusion
  • Boost ridership

The Interpix Approach

User-centred product testing revealed that transit riders expected one website to give them all the fare/schedule information they need to travel in York Region’s interconnected transit system (both Viva and York Region Transit). Accordingly, Interpix redesigned the main York Region Transit site to provide both systems' fare, schedule and route information. We recommended streamlining the Viva site to contain only marketing and promotional material relevant to the Viva system, while creating clear navigational links between the two sites to give Viva users easy access to fare/schedule information.


Giving users a one-stop solution for easy access to important information on fares, schedules and routes, helped York Region Transit achieve a phenomenal increase in Viva ridership. As more transit riders use the website to get answers to their questions, the region will continue to receive fewer costly telephone inquiries.

Another simply useful™ client success story by Interpix Design, Toronto's top usability consulting company.

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