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Interpix Goes Global

We are proud to announce that we recently partnered with UX Fellows the world’s only global network for quality user experience (UX) research.

UX Fellows are present in many major and emerging UX markets and we are excited to be the only Canadian representative. Our partners now include like-minded UX groups from as far afield as Australia, China, Russia and Argentina. The map below illustrates the true extent of our global network.

As part of our commitment to designing user experiences that are simply useful™ we recently collaborated with UX Fellows on a research project investigating cross-cultural differences in gesture input. The purpose of the project was to find out how people communicate with consumer electronic devices using spontaneous, natural gestures; that is, gestures that occur without prompting from graphical menus presented on a screen.

The results of the project are currently being synthesized and analyzed, once complete we will be sure to post a link to our site!

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