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Mobile usability testing

Mobile usability testing is fundamental to isolating and fixing usability problems with mobile applications, websites and devices.

At Interpix we apply our many years of experience in usability testing along with top-of-the-line testing technology such as eye-tracking to ensure that your mobile website delivers optimal user experience, performance and results. Achieve user goals and optimize your return on investment with mobile user testing that delves deeply into user problems and helps user groups fully elucidate issues and concerns with your mobile interface or application.

A growing collection of devices: what to design for?
The mobile market is growing all the time and there are a number of devices and manufacturers to consider. We apply testing to a variety of devices reflecting the market penetration of each device including the iPhone, the iPad, Android, Blackberry along with any devices that arrive to market during the launch of your mobile website, application or device.

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How does testing work?
In mobile application testing we consult with members of your design, marketing and other teams to fully understand objectives then we create a mobile usability test plan that will guide research, prototyping and design changes. We then recruit mobile users, arrange testing and interview sessions and record results.

We use our many years of experience to ask the right probing questions during interviews and we apply our growing body of experience in testing mobile devices. Our experience has shown that there are fundamental differences in the mobile market compared to traditional desktop Mac and PC environments.

One of the case studies recently posted to our site was our work with one of Canada's most recognized brands. Read more and learn about the success we achieved in our mobile usability testing case study.

Some aspects of our mobile usability testing:

  • Recruiting a sampling of users across age representative age groups, devices (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, iPad and other tablets), environments and economic strata
  • Observing users and/or eye-tracking users and/or providing them with proper recording tools in the field
  • Probing user reactions in the interview process in order to help them fully elucidate problems they ran into and solutions they can suggest to improve the interface

Mobile testing
Mobile testing is critical to creating a great mobile application. But where do you start? The answer to that is simple but not easy: start with users. Working with users to find out how to best create a mobile product is a sure fire way to create something with legs, something people will share through word of mouth and other social sharing. User testing will get you and keep you in front of the maximum number of mobile users.

Interpix's mobile testing begins with a review of all stakeholders in the process. We apply all our past experience in design and interface testing. We've worked with national and international companies to help them find out what their mobile users required and then delivered that experience to those users.

Mobile testing begins with insights from the user. What are the user expectations for the type of interface you are creating? What are the functions that the user needs in that interface? What are users most interested in when it comes to features, expectations and suggestions for the product?

Mobile testing takes design concerns into consideration. How much real estate is there to work with in the mobile interface? What elements of the design interface are users most likely to use and how prominent (or deprecated) do you need to make each element? How can you most economically position those elements to find the right balance between usefulness and clarity?

Mobile testing tests a variety of users in a variety of scenarios. The world is always different than we imagine. In our testing process, we meet a variety of users and discover as many possible scenarios for them as possible. Then we set them loose with a variety of tasks that they need done and that your interface needs to accomplish. There's no way to mimic the real world so you send users out there and they report back to you with real situations where the veracity and integrity of your product has been truly tested. There's no better way to do it.

Mobile testing asks the right questions. Since mobile users tend to be young, our many years of experience in testing and interviewing are deeply helpful in encouraging them to fully explore their interaction during testing. In interviewing users after they have tested your product it's tempting to ask leading questions or to hear what you want to hear. We ask questions that probe for real insights into your product and propose real improvements as suggested by someone who has used the product you are bringing to market. We're often surprised by the responses to our own questions but those surprises are very good when you are testing a product – and much better to get during testing than after your product is on the market. And it's much better to hear those as suggestions in the design process than as complaints in a consumer review.

When the process is finished, we analyze the test data, offer solutions and reiterations within the desired budget and retest if warranted. We then report on changes or recommendations to improve the mobile UX design.

Do I really need to test application or website usability for tablets like the iPad, the Motorola Xoom or the Samsung Galaxy and others?

We'll tell you up front what you need to know and we provide a wide variety of mobile and smartphone consulting services packaged to meet your specific needs.

Do you want to create immediately useful and usable smartphone applications? Are you ready to go mobile with Interpix?

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