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TD & PC Financial – UGO Wallet

UGO approached us to design and evaluate the end-to-end experience, including onboarding, adding cards to the wallet (including loyalty and gift cards), and using them at checkout.


This cross platform mobile app backed by TD Bank and PC Financial and available on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices uses near field communications (NFC) to allow users to make purchases, collect loyalty points and use gift cards through their smartphones.


  • Design a mobile friendly, responsive site
  • Create and design a fully operational website with integrated CMS functionality that can be easily updated and internally hosted by Teranet
  • Simplify monthly updates and customer data manipulation
  • Create a customer portal login for enterprise clients to access quarterly data, visualization tools and view recent updates

The Interpix Approach

Our approach was to support the company by providing iterative usability testing on paper-based mockups and low fidelity models, which were used to help lead designers and developers to an improved and easier to use mobile solution. After testing initial designs, we provided recommendations and created a set of refined wireframes based on usability testing results.


Using our simply useful process we were able to lead to a High-Level architecture to define and create the long-term vision for the UGO Wallet.