Interpix Design

Eye Tracking

Get the inside track on what your customers are really paying attention to

Interested in learning which aspects of your product are more likely to be looked at, or capture your users’ eye? Then eye tracking is for you.

Save revenue, start tracking now!

  • See your interface through your customer’s eyes
  • Check out concepts before you commit major dollars to building them
  • Improve time to market by knowing what works before you implement
  • Work with state-of-the-art eye tracking equipment that is comprehensive, unintrusive and mobile

The Interpix Approach

We can provide you with hard data on what users are looking for and where they’re looking for it. By analyzing the user's eye movements we have access to a whole new suite of information that goes beyond the participant’s verbal report.

  • Graphics that depict levels of visual activity for different areas of interest
  • Video recordings that highlight issues arising from key tasks
  • Summary report outlining key results including an analysis of the time taken to reach goals, characteristics of eye movement and response data, and the identification of any usability issues


  • Get customer behavior insights unavailable with other techniques
  • Identify where users are looking on the screen and whether they’re reading content or just scanning it
  • Compare different design options to determine which are most effective
  • Combine with usability testing for a complete assessment of how well your interface is performing

Case Study


Discover how we worked with Teranet to reach a new audience