Quickly Sell and Market your Digital Products

May 13th, 2024 - 10 min read Article Cover

A key challenge in the SAAS world is understanding product-market fit pre- and during development. The development time can take months and even years in some cases, but it’s crucial to begin the selling process prior to development. This is because iterating on the idea and meeting your target audience’s needs is crucial, but without being able to show them a working product, it’s difficult for customers to fully understand the user experience. That’s where Interpix comes in.

We are experts in rapid prototype development. We can take any digital product and build a functional prototype in a matter of weeks. And it’s not just basic design files. We build prototypes that your potential customers can use to gain a deeper understanding of the product and drive your selling experience.

Still unsure? We’ve been helping our clients sell their products for years!

The Proof

Article Example 01

American Logisitics (AL)

AL had a key problem. They had a product developed, but it required many design changes to bring it into the modern world. We worked with AL to take their current design and future design ideas to build out a working prototype quickly to support their tradeshow conversations. So, while AL’s development team was working on updating the code, the sales team could show potential customers exactly what they’d be getting by signing a deal.

Article Example 02

Dye and Durham’s UnityPi Mobile App

Dye and Durham, owners of UnityPi, had a very similar situation. They worked with us to redesign their platform but needed to sell it to their board members before moving forward with development. In just a few weeks we created a working prototype to support their discussions and sell their internal members. Without a working prototype, these discussions would’ve been much more difficult and potentially would’ve resulted in the internal sale not going through.

Article Example 03

RIOS Assignmate™ Branding and Redesign

Sales support comes in different forms. With RIOS, they sought our expertise to come up with the full branding of their new real estate platform. This involved developing the name, colour scheme, logo, and redesigning their marketing website. We did this to help them prepare for a major conference where they were going to launch the platform. Our support didn’t just stop there, though. We created all of their marketing materials (posters, promotional video, t-shirts, etc.) to drive the sales conversation. This resulted in a successful conference with many leads generated.

Article Example 04

In the highly competitive world of SAAS, it’s crucial to gain customer feedback and gauge interest as early as possible. The best way to do this is to talk to your customers before spending time and money on development. By supporting these conversations with a working prototype, detailed promotional video, exciting branding, and marketing materials, you can be sure that your conversations will go smoothly. If you want to gather customer feedback on the future-state of your product or platform – partner with Interpix Design today!