What We Do

We solve usability problems and design great customer experiences

We have built responsive websites, mobile apps and designed pixel perfect customer experiences for some of Canada’s leading companies.

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Digital Transformation

People are busy. Nobody likes change.

Interpix uses our decades of experience designing intuitive digital experiences for humans to create a SAAS solution that moves people effortlessly through transformations of any size.

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Learn your customer and put them in the driver’s seat.

Interpix aligns your business model with your customer’s expectations so that your product delivers value every time.

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Pixel perfect products that exceed expectations and deliver value.

We design and develop websites, apps and digital experiences from the ground up. We also refine and perfect existing digital products. There is always an opportunity to improve user interface design.


Every point of interaction with your customer is strategically considered and flawlessly executed.

We learn everything there is to know about your customer; who they are, what they want, their journey on your app or website. We take these insights and design with user expectations front and center.

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