Stakeholder & User Interviews

Interpix can help you align your business model with your customer’s expectations—so that your website, apps or digital experiences deliver value every time. This starts with understanding everything there is to know about your products, your customers and your business.

Stakeholder Interviews

Interviewing key stakeholders provides an opportunity for subject matter experts and management to share their knowledge and vision. Discovering and documenting objectives, opinions, aspirations and limitations at the outset—before design work begins—contributes to the success of any digital design project.

The benefits of stakeholder interviews

Interpix has been conducting stakeholder interviews and discovery sessions for over 20 years. We construct stakeholder interviews to gain maximum value, with minimum effort. They are done in-person, over the phone or online.

The result? Your digital products are designed perfectly in-line with your objectives and delivers value to your customers–every time.

User Interviews

Interviewing users is key to understanding who they are, what they want and how they experience your products. What’s their user journey? What do they like and what do they find frustrating? What’s missing? By doing user interviews you gain empathetic insights to inform better design solutions.

Your users are our guests

At Interpix we’ve been conducting users interviews and research for over 20 years. Preparation and careful consideration are hallmarks of our process. We’ve developed a conversational style that uncovers all the little details and puts participant’s unique perspectives in focus.

One-on-one interviews allow us to directly address your users concerns. We listen carefully to discover attitudes, beliefs and desires. We document, we learn and we put these insights to work.


  • Deliver products and experiences that exceed user expectations
  • In-depth understanding of your users’ values, perceptions, and experiences
  • Develop personas and storyboards that guide the design process
  • Avoid costly fixes to problems down the road
  • Shorten product development timelines
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Learn your customer and put them in the driver’s seat.

Interpix aligns your business model with your customer’s expectations so that your product delivers value every time.

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