Quick Ship Design: Streamlining Global Delivery

Interpix designed an innovative shipping solution for Purolator to better support casual shippers send products worldwide.

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Purolator's Quick Ship platform, developed in partnership with Interpix Design, introduces a one-step shipping solution aimed at casual shippers. By simplifying the shipping process, Quick Ship reduces errors and makes global shipping more accessible from any device—desktop, tablet, or mobile.


Interpix Design was tasked with modernizing Purolator's shipping experience, focusing on making the platform intuitive for casual and inexperienced users.


Despite Purolator's advanced shipping software integration with major client warehouses, there was a distinct need for an online solution that catered to casual shippers with a user-friendly approach to global product delivery.


The solution was a single-page shipping experience designed to be as straightforward as possible. Features were developed to be user-friendly, such as visual aids for package dimensions and delivery options presented by date and time, rather than by service name, to eliminate confusion and streamline the shipping process.

Measuring Success

The success of the Quick Ship platform was evident from increased transaction rates, a reduction in user errors, and fewer customer service calls.

This result demonstrates the value of user-centric design in improving both service efficiency and customer satisfaction in the shipping industry.

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