Telus IoT Website Expert Review

Interpix ignited Telus' IoT marketplace, sparking partner satisfaction with their technical UX expert review and user interviews.


Telus, a leading telecommunications company, is developing an online marketplace specifically for IoT partner applications, such as a fleet management platform. While feature-rich, the current user interface of this marketplace presented several bottlenecks with revenue opportunities for UX improvements.

Business-Outcome-Focused Collaboration with Our Firm

Interpix was enlisted to conduct a comprehensive UX and UI evaluation of Telus' emerging IoT marketplace. Our review went beyond superficial design elements to target business outcomes. By identifying and resolving structural usability issues, we aimed to enhance customer engagement and boost revenue streams for Telus. Simultaneously, our recommendations were designed to minimize calls to customer service centres and reduce customer churn. We also provided a roadmap for additional, future improvements that the Telus team could implement for ongoing success.

Detailed Expert Review and User Testing

After meeting with the Telus, Interpix began analyzing the partner website. Throughout the review, various usability issues were identified, with a focus on the terminology used, the navigation, the consistency of the website, and the overall layout. Interpix took their findings and ranked them in order of urgency, to ensure that the re-design could be taken in stages rather than one large project.

Following the internal review, Interpix looked to actual users of the website to get their detailed feedback and suggestions. The interviews were consisted of 60-minute one-on-one sessions with 6 different users of the website to better understand their pain points. The goal was to gain feedback on the re-designed pages that Interpix developed to identify any additional solutions to further improve their experience moving forward. From this, there were 17 additional recommendations provided and implemented for development. One such recommendation was a description of the specific elements that they wanted to see when they first logged in to the website. They asked for widgets like recent activity, opportunity breakdowns, order breakdowns, and billing information to be included, which we were then able to add into our solutions to the team.


With the UX expert review and user interviews completed, it was time to move into wire-framing and development. Interpix's team of experienced web designers were able to build out comprehensive wireframes from idea to practical drawing. From there, the development was swift, allowing Telus to quickly implement the high priority recommendations.

Using our in-depth analysis, The Walrus has been able to build off our recommendations and implement the strategies recommended. This has drastically improved not only the visual appeal of the website, but more importantly, the usability.

Measuring Success

In measuring success for this project, there were two key metrics for success. The first metric was the satisfaction of the partners using the website. In meeting with these users, it was clear to see that our initial recommendations were of value to them. However, by meeting with multiple different users, we were able to gain even more feedback, which we were able to leverage in the final design. This approach ensured that the majority of users were going to be satisfied with the final layout of the website.

The second measure of success was the speed of implementation. Through our ranking system, Telus was able to clearly identify the areas that needed attention now, as well as issues that could be addressed in the future. By using this approach, we were able to quickly reach a conclusion with the team about the areas to address now and develop wireframes based on those conversations. This ultimately led to a quick turn around on the pressing UX issues while providing additional solutions to be implemented in the future.

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