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The Conveyancer Redesign


The Conveyancer is Canada’s leading law office real estate application, used primarily by real estate lawyers and support staff to automate virtually every document needed to complete purchase, sale and mortgage transactions. DoProcess approached Interpix to provide UX design and usability testing support for the redesign of the Conveyancer. Our activities began with a heuristic review to understand the key tasks and opportunities for improvement in the existing product. Next, sample personas and customer journey maps were created (Adobe Illustrator) to understand the target user group, the key activities of clerks and lawyers, their typical days and the flow of documents between them. This involved contextual inquiry in over 20 law offices across Ontario (Morae). Once we understood the breath of the software and users, we extended our activities to a High-Level Architecture project, which resulted in a redesigned and modernized platform (Axure) that maintained and extended efficiencies for its end-users.

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