Bond Portal UX Expert Review

Trisura approached Interpix to conduct an interface design evaluation of their Bond Portal.


Trisura is a Canadian company that specializes in insurance solutions. They approached Interpix to conduct multiple UX Expert Reviews on various versions of their bond portal, used by both brokers and clients. Reviews were conducted on both the live version (in market) and a newly "refreshed" version. Key task flows included renewing, purchasing and cancelling bonds.


Trisura utilized the outcome of the reviews to implement both short-term tactical recommendations, as well the long-term design directions for the portal. Restructuring the overall architecture allowed for key task flows to become clearer for both types of users, increasing portal usage and decreasing the time required to complete applications.

Lower-level opportunities such as highlighting current state in the application, defining a strategy for primary and secondary actions, and emphasizing the "happy path" resulted in the forms being easier to scan and complete.

Our evaluation process helped Trisura understand and emphasize UX best practices, which lead to a consistent, well-performing design for their portal refresh.

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